From humble beginings through rapid growth McVantage Products has always stayed on the cutting edge of technology.

McVantage Products has been providing quality hardwood products for nearly 60 years. The knowledge and experience of the McVantage staff has made us a premier vendor in the Mid-South to everything from grade lumber to wooden containers.

McVantage products come with a friendly, hometown business attitude with service that cannot be beaten.

In 1953 after returning from the Korean War, C.L. McKinney pursued his interest in forestry and opened a small sawmill in Tuscumbia, Al. A few years later, after seeing a local demand, he opened a planning mill and a larger sawmill. This sawmill design was the first in the Mid-South to use electricity to take the manual labor out of processing, and later using one of the regions first forklifts for handling logs. This futuristic thinking started a trend of innovation that has lasted over 60 years. McKinney Lumber Inc. was born.

Beginning in the late 1970s Mr. McKinney’s three sons graduated from Auburn University and came back into the company. The mindset of expansion through innovation he instilled in them continued to keep McKinney Lumber a step ahead in technology. The brothers expanded into wooden pallets (as well as other areas). Then, to increase yield and reduce waste, new innovations included the region’s first stobe sawing gang edger and later the first multi-head super thin kerf bandsaw. Continuing along with the innovation and environmental stewardship the companies later expanded into recycled pallets as well.

Currently, McKinney Lumber is thriving; it is doing business as McVantage Hardwoods, which is the sawmill operations, and McVantage Packaging, which is all pallet operations. Most recently the McVantage Group has broadened its horizons with its newest addition: McVantage International, Ltd. It utilizes the McKinney knowledge of wood products to explore exotic hardwood, bio-fuels, and management services. With the company stronger than ever, the McVantage Group is looking forward to the future and the undiscovered technology that lies ahead.