Wallaba - WAL

Eperua Falcata


Wallaba Poles

Natural Wood Characteristics

Wallaba is a unique, high quality wood found more commonly in the Guiana Shield than in other parts of South America. The wood has a dark reddish color, is approved for marine use (including brackish water) and is amazingly durable in outdoor and ground contact situations. For these reasons Wallaba creates a great shingle for roofing and siding products, and it is also excellent for round posts, fencing, landscaping, and much more.


Funghi: Class 1 -Very Durable

Termites: Class D – Durable

Use Class 4 – in ground or fresh water contact

Use Class 5 – For marine environment or in brackish water


Applications include:

Shingles & shakes

Round posts & poles


Fencing & landscaping

Telephone poles

Tool handles