Basralocus - BAS

Dicorynia guianensis

Wamaradan / Angelique

Basralocus Deck

Natural Wood Characteristics

Basralocus is a fairly large species of tree found in Guyana. It is a versatile hardwood that can be used for both interior and exterior applications, and it is one of Guyana’s most appreciated decking species. The wood is dimensionally stable and has a nice, warm, reddish-brown color. With its texture and pleasant color, Basralocus has a pleasing combination of appearance and natural durability not often found in a construction hardwood.


Funghi: Class 2 – Durable

Termites: Class M – Moderately Durable

Use Class 3: Not in ground contact, outside

Use Class 5: For marine environment or in brackish water


Applications include:


Furniture & joinery

Cladding & exterior

Marine construction

Heavy Construction