Greenheart - GHT

Chlorocardium Rodiei

Demerara Greenheart

Greenheart Deck

Natural Wood Characteristics

Greenheart is a common commercial tree species found throughout Guyana. It is one of the world’s most durable species, and as such is best known for marine applications in Europe, the United States, and the Caribbean. Some of those applications include piles, docks, and groynes. The wood has a straight grain, fine texture, and a color ranging from a golden yellow to brown. When considering the appearance and strength together, Greenheart is a wonderful choice in uses from heavy marine construction to decking.

Funghi: Class 1 – Very Durable

Termites: Class D – Durable

Use Class 4: In ground or fresh water contact

Use Class 5: For marine environment or in brackish water

Applications include:

Heavy construction

Bridge construction


Posts & Beams

Square marine piles

Marine construction

Sheet pilings

Lock gates