McVantage International - Expanding the McVantage Way into New Markets

McVantage International is expanding the McVantage concepts of innovation, growth, and environmental stewardship into developing markets. McVantage International and its wholly owned subsidiary, McVantage of Guyana, are working with international groups to develop economically viable, environmentally sustainable, multiuse, forest resources from tropical forests. McVantage of Guyana provides rough green lumber and finished products from its 1,000,000 acre tract in the Iwokrama Forest in Guyana.  Products include, but are not limited to, kiln dried lumber, marine pilings, custom cut lumber, molded patterns (stock and custom), round pilings, decking, flooring, fencing, truck and trailer bedding, timber mat products, and more. McVantage of Guyana controls all facets of the logging, milling, and finishing processes from timber selection to finished product quality control. McVantage of Guyana is also FSC® – Chain of Custody certified, and can sell and ship FSC® certified products to most parts of the world.

In addition to sustainable forestry practices, McVantage of Guyana also uses administrative knowledge from its U.S. based operations to provide management services related to accounting, importing, and logistics to other small companies within these developing markets.