Purpleheart - PRH

Peltogyne Venosa


Purpleheart Spiral Staircase

Natural Wood Characteristics

Purpleheart is a prized tropical hardwood species found in Guyana. Though the most striking feature is its rich purple color, Purpleheart is a very versatile species that can be used in both interior and exterior applications. The wood has a straight grain and light texture along with moderate to high durability. With its combination of desirable characteristics, Purpleheart is a great species to have whether you’re assembling a “statement piece” or completing a heavy construction project.


Funghi: Class 2 to 3 – Durable to moderately durable

Termites: Class D – Durable

Use Class 3: Not in ground contact, outside


Applications include:


Furniture & stairs

Doors & framing

Marine construction

Heavy construction

Ship building