Purpleheart - Peltogyne spp.

Guyana Name – Purpleheart

Trade Name – Purpleheart

MVG Name – Purpleheart

MVG Code – PRH

Botanical Name – Peltogyne Venosa

DBD 12% kg/m3 – 870

Janka Hardness (lbs) – 3.920

Bending 12% Psi – 19.220

Elasticity 12% 1000 Psi – 2.270

Crushing 12% Psi – 10.320


Botanical name:                                                                                   Peltogyne spp.

 Family:                                                                                                  Caesalpiniaceae (Leguminosae)

Vernacular name (Guyana):                                                               Purpleheart

 International trade name:                                                                   Amarante

 Wood Appearance

Dull brown when freshly cut and rapidly oxidizes to violet-purple on exposure to light, gradually

toning down in course of time to dark purplish-brown. The sapwood is whitish or cream coloured and

grain is generally straight, sometimes wavy or interlocked. The texture is moderate to fine. The bole

is 15-27m in length, cylindrical; diameter 45-90 (-150) cm.


Physical and Mechanical Properties

Wood is very tough, strong and resilient:

� Air dried density (12%) – 840 kg/m3

� Bending strength (at 12%) – 155 N/mm2

� Modulus of elasticity (at 12%) – 16860 N/mm2

� Compression parallel to grain – 78.5 N/mm2

� Crushing strength (at 12%) – 79 N/mm2

� Shock resistance- medium.


Natural Durability

Highly resistant to decay, termites and fire. The heartwood is very durable and extremely resistant

to preservatives while the sapwood is permeable.





Timber Processing

Drying – Dries well and fairly rapidly with little degrade. Kiln Schedule E.

Working – Moderately difficult to work. There is a moderate blunting effect when sawing. Planes

and turns well, finishes smoothly and takes a high polish.

Assembly – It takes glue well and holds nails and screws satisfactorily.

Finishing – Gives good results when lacquered or polished.



Possesses high strength and very good durability. It is an excellent structural timber suitable for

heavy outdoor construction work such as bridges, docks work and park benches. As flooring, it has

high wearing qualities and is suitable for most conditions of traffic. Has been used successfully in

chemical plants for vats, filter press plates and frames. Also used for making billiard cue butts, tool

handles, interior and exterior joinery and ship-building. A valuable wood for its attractive

appearance and its strength.


Availability & Location

Regular average supplies are available.  Throughout Guyana, and abundant in the Essequibo-Demerara

and the Cuyuni-Supenaam region.